Today in the city Palm Shores 24.06.2017
Andy Rubin Has a Plan to Smarten Up the Connected Home

The longtime inventor, founder of Android, and current CEO of two companies believes strongly that the best way to invent the future is to do it together. The post Andy Rubin Has a Plan to Smarten Up...

President Trump Outlines Infrastructure Plan In Trip To Cincinnati

President Trump went to Cincinnati Wednesday to push his plan to invest heavily in infrastructure, focusing on the aging locks, dams, levees and ports in the nation's inland waterways.

Democrats say Trump’s infrastructure plan is 'just a private money-making operation'

Infrastructure was supposed to be the one area President Donald Trump would find common ground with Democrats. But the opposition party's responses to his proposal out this week, which includes a...

Myanmar Military Plane Carrying More Than 100 People Goes Missing

The plane reportedly lost contact about 30 minutes after it took off from the coastal town of Myeik, bound for Yangon. No trace of the aircraft or its passengers has been found so far.

Trump's massive infrastructure push is missing something significant — an actual plan

President Donald Trump and his administration have tried to go about an "infrastructure week," but the public-relations push is missing key policy details — and an actual piece of legislation. Tr...

Myanmar military plane with more than 100 people aboard vanishes after takeoff

A Myanmar military plane with more than 100 people aboard disappeared Wednesday. The plane, carrying soldiers and their family members, lost contact with air traffic controllers shortly after taking o...

SpaceX will launch the Air Force's top secret space plane in August

This summer, Elon Musk's private spaceflight company will make its Air Force launch debut, and in a big way.  SpaceX won a contract to launch the Air Force's secret X-37B uncrewed space plane to...

Myanmar Military Plane With 104 Aboard Goes Missing

A Myanmar military spokesman says a transport plane with more than 100 people on board has gone missing on a flight from the country's south to Yangon.

Labor's Acosta to Defend Trump Plan to Cut Anti-Bias Office

Businesses and employer groups are forming a rare alliance against President Donald Trump's budget plan to overhaul the way the government investigates discrimination in the workplace.

Chinese Jets Intercept U.S. Navy Plane, Pentagon Says

The Pentagon said two Chinese jet fighters unsafely intercepted a U.S. naval surveillance plane over the South China Sea in the second such incident around China’s shores in a week.

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